Install Zulu JDK on Ubuntu

ZULU JDK on Ubuntu

Recently I moved my server to Ubuntu from windows. I went with Ubuntu 16.04 server edition as it is lightweight as compared to desktop edition and comes preloaded with some server tools. As I am running OpenHAB for my home automation system I wanted to install it on the server but the server edition doesn’t come with JAVA/JDK pre-installed. As per OpenHAB, Zulu JDK is the recommended JAVA platform and performs better as compared to OpenJDK. Though Oracle JDK can be installed, I thought of trying ZULU. So let’s see…

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Fetch data from websites using XPATH and PHP


This video is around XPATH and PHP. XPath is an element in the XSLT standard. I Over here our matter of interest is to use XPATH with PHP server scripting language to fetch some required information from websites, like youtube subscriber count, twitter followers etc. So if you are interested in making something like live facebook or twitter follower counters you can use it to do the job. You can upload the script to an online server or you can use it on your local server or you can even…

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Online Electronics Stores in India to buy Electronic Components

This post is all about different Online Electronics Stores in India from where you can order different Electronic Components for your project if you are not getting locally. If you know any other store please let me know and I will add those to list and it will help others. Also, you can share your experiences with any store if you have any. If you are aware of any other stores please let me know below in the comments. And if you have experience with any stores mention in the comments…

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Custom Character Generator for MAX7219 based 8×8 LED Matrix

MAX7219 LED Matrix Custom Char

In this video, I will show you a custom character generator for MAX7219 based 8×8 LED matrix. The app is developed using JAVA. If you are interested in making some updates to it you can check out my repository on GitHub. All links are provided below.        

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Desktop app using JAVA to share to social media

JAVA socialShare

Thsi is a JAVA based desktop app that I use to share to social media accounts. I have used Facebook4J, Twitter4J like opensource libraries to make it work.Feel free to contribute to the repo… Links: GITHub Repo : Facebook Developer Twitter Developer: ******************************************************************** Subscribe YouTube : Guys Subscribe to my channel for latest contents into your inbox. Support me to keep going. ___________________________________________ Website : Twitter : YouTube : Instagram : GIT : Facebook:

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Calculate Energy Usage using Current Sensor ACS712 30A

This is a simply cheap solution to calculate Energy consumed by your gears..But still the accuracy i have not tested..Buy a module as shown below with ACS712 and please make sure of the current rating according to your requirement.              The module has one Vcc, one Gnd and one Vout pins so simply you connect the Vout pin to any Analog input of Arduino and power up the module from Arduino. But don’t forget to change the analog pin no in the provided sketch.. /*…

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Simple equation solver in JS

This post will let you create a simple equation solver. This program is designed using JS and HTML.This equation solver can be used to solve addition, division, subtraction or multiplication between two numbers. Screenshot Things this code will do Create a Form Take Input from the user A button when click, calls a function Function determines which type of operation and appends the Answer. The Code <!–The CSS For the Page–><style>#ans{ position: relative; text-align: center; top: 200;}.form{ position: relative; text-align: -webkit-center; padding: 110;}.form input[type=”text”]{ padding: 10 10 2 10; border-bottom:…

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Chat application in C using named PIPES

This is a simple set of two C Programs which can act as a chat application. Basically there are two programs which need to run simultaneously. One is the client program and other the server program. This core concept used behind this is FIFO, named pipes. Screenshots [Demo] Client Side Chat Terminal running the client output file Server Side Chat Terminal running the server output file The Code–> Receiver(Server) Side code //client_chat#include<stdio.h>#include<stdlib.h>#include<sys/stat.h>#include<unistd.h>#include<string.h> #include<linux/stat.h>#define FIFO_FILE “MYFIFO”int main(){ FILE *fp; char a[40]; char readbuf[80]; start: if((fp=fopen(FIFO_FILE,”r+”))==NULL) { perror(“fopen”); exit(1); } printf(“Me :…

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QRCode Generator In PHP

This post will guide you to create your own QR code Generator. Basically we will use Google’s API to generate the QR code. QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. Screenshots[Demo] Home page of the script showing which takes the Input. Generated QR code of the input Given The Code <div style=”text-align:center;”><form class=”email” name=”qrc” method=”post” action=”<?php $_PHP_SELF ?>” id=’12’><p align=”center”><font color=#99742e><span style=”font-size:12pt;”><b>Link</b></span></font></p><input type=”text” name=”qrlink” autocomplete=”off” placeholder=”Enter…

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Create An Android Screaming App [SMS HotWord]

In this post you will learn how to create an android app which will scream aloud no mater if the mobile is in silent or in general mode. This will work even if the app isnt in the open state. The screaming gets triggered when someone sends “scream” to your mobile as SMS. That is basically the hot word for triggering the screaming sound. Screenshots[Demo] The Code:The SMSReciever Broadcast Class: public class RecieveSMS extends BroadcastReceiver { public static final String SMS_BUNDLE = “pdus”; MediaPlayer mp; @Override public void onReceive(Context context,…

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